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The team of travel consultants at the Luxury Travel Company are seasoned travellers. With first hand experiences, they can help with any travel plans you have and will give you valuable insight into different travel destinations.




Time in travel industry Over twenty years

Travelled to Australia, NZ, Vanuatu, Peru, Argentina, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, UAE, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mauritius, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, U.K, Netherlands, Canada, USA & Hawaii, India, Sabah, Japan, Sweden, Fiji, Maldives

Next destination  Skiing in Japan

Most memorable travel experience Spending a week on the luxury True North with my family out in the Rowley Shoals which has less than 250 visitors every year

Favourite destination South Africa with its magnificent game lodges

Best travel tip Take more money – you will need it!

Worst travel experience Being stuck on a ship off the coast of China in the middle of a typhoon!


Senior Travel Consultant


Time in travel industry  Eight years

Travelled to Australia, Scotland, Ireland, England, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Malta, Greece, Thailand, Hong Kong,  Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Fiji, UAE,Qatar, Kenya, South Africa, Mauritius, Tanzania, USA, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Chile and Ecuador including Galapagos Islands.

Next destination Belize  

Most memorable travel experience Hot Air Ballooning over the Masai Mara in Kenya at Sunrise, and finishing off with a champagne breakfast back on the ground!

Favourite destination Europe – there are so many amazing countries, cities and towns offering so much diversity of food, history, culture and architecture

Best travel tip Once you have packed your suitcase once, take about 50% of the stuff out – you won’t need half of the clothes, shoes and make up that you think you will- and you will appreciate it later when you are carting around a suitcase that weighs half the weight and aren’t getting slammed with excess weight charges at the airport!

Worst travel experience Having my flight home from Paris delayed for over 8 hours before eventually being cancelled until the next day… Being stuck in Paris for an extra 24 hours but not being able to use this time to explore this amazing city (instead being stuck out at the airport) was very depressing!


Senior Travel Consultant


Time in travel industry Over ten years

Travelled to Australia, NZ, New Caledonia, Brazil, USA, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia,Singapore, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Greece, Mauritius, South Africa.

Next destination France, England, Scotland and Ireland and Qatar

Most memorable travel experience A canoe trip in the Amazon knowing that there were piranha’s in the water below me. Then eating piranha soup for dinner that night!

Favourite destination Greek Islands 

Best travel tip Ask locals for tips on where to eat out or special places to visit in their city. They may share knowledge with you that will create some of the most memorable experiences of your trip.

Worst travel experience Being in NYC for the ‘Great Black Out of 2003’. The power outage was for almost 24 hours and everything affected! Subway trains weren’t operating so transport was limited to millions of people sharing taxis which caused major chaos. Restaurants and tourist attractions were closed and it was a very hot day so we were very thankful when power the finally came back on!