Phinda Forest Lodge

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  • Phinda Forest Lodge
  • Phinda Forest Lodge

Phinda Forest Lodge

Start From$1,175.00 / Night
A tapestry of ecosystems, from woodland & wetland, to mountains, to the rare dry sand forest...

At Phinda Forest Lodge, floor to ceiling windows invite the forest in but the dense canopy provides privacy, ensuring each suite has its own sense of seclusion. The dainty forms of dwarf forest antelope dart among and below the suites, raised on stilts to float between the sandy forest floor and the leafy canopy above. Waking up to rustling forest sounds and bird song, surrounded by delicate leaf-filtered light, a pervading sense of peace and calm will set the tone for the entire day.

Home to the Big Five, cheetah and an abundance of birdlife, Phinda is in close proximity to the Indian Ocean, offering an exhilarating combination of bush and beach adventures.

Cradled in a maze of ancient vegetation, each suite provides serene, reflective spaces to watch the secrets of the forest unfold.

INCLUSIONS all meals and scheduled game activities daily